Storio can handle your entire MDRaaS offering so you can focus on other responsibilities while saving money

Storio VBR Appliance

We do it best, for less!

Imagine if your MSP business could provide a robust, reliable, and valuable BDR solution to your clients without you having to do any of the hard work. Now imagine that this solution also costs less than doing it yourself, meaning you save both time and money. Sound good? Well, that is exactly what Storio offers: a fully managed BDR solution that takes care of everything so you (and your team) don’t have to.

Storio’s team will work closely with yours to ensure everything is running smoothly and provide 24/7 support. We’ve got our own data center, so we can handle the hardware, the licensing, the monitoring, the security, the installation — everything! And, since BDR is our singular focus, our all-in-one solution is more affordable and reliable than a piecemeal solution.

The Benefits of Leaving Your BDR to Storio

  • Lower costs from outsourcing to the specialists
  • Lower workload on your employees
  • A fully featured, enterprise-grade solution
  • More time for innovation, improving your other services, or just relaxing!
  • Peace of mind from knowing Storio’s BDR experts are managing everything

Your client’s outsource IT responsibilities to you so they can save time, money, and stress. Why not get the same benefits?

Cloud Services

The Storio data center has what you need

If you want to provide the best BDR solution for your clients, you need a reliable data center that has high capacity and even higher security. Not only does Storio offer this to our MSP clients, but we also offer additional services to help you manage and optimize your backup solutions, so you can provide cutting-edge MDRaaS with less stress and hassle. Your technicians will thank you!

Furthermore, Storio offers multiple service models so you can get exactly what you need to provide better services, reduce the workload on your employees, and reduce costs. Just need an affordable, enterprise-grade data center for your MDRaaS? Done. Want us to take care of installation, integrations, and monitoring to give you more time for more important things? Storio can do that too. We do it all!

Storio’s Cloud Backup Service Models:

  • Storio Repo – Storage access and unlimited support
  • Unmanaged Backups – Storage access and unlimited support, plus cloud spin-ups and licensing services for Veeam
  • Managed Backups – Everything included in Unmanaged Backups, plus installation, configuration, and monitoring of your backups. White Glove Service for a total package!

Whatever level of assistance you need with your Backup Service, we got your back.