Backup as a Service, Powered by Veeam

Easy, Reliable, and Cost Effective Cloud Backups

The Storio data center has what you need

If you want to provide the best BDR solution for your clients, you need a reliable data center that has high capacity and even higher security. Not only does Storio offer this to our MSP clients, but we also offer additional services to help you manage and optimize your backup solutions, so you can provide cutting-edge Backup Services with less stress and hassle. Your technicians will thank you!

Furthermore, Storio offers multiple service models so you can get exactly what you need to provide better services, reduce the workload on your employees, and reduce costs. Just need an affordable, enterprise-grade data center for your backups or for disaster recovery? Done. Want us to take care of installation, integrations, and monitoring to give you more time for more important things? Storio can do that too. We do it all!

Veeam from Storio is:

  • Trusted – Veeam is a top-tier solution with strong brand recognition, which adds value to your services
  • Simple – It’s easily scalable with detailed reports generated automatically, so minimal effort is required on your part
  • Reliable – Veeam employs multiple failsafes, so your clientele can rest assured they are always covered
  • Flexible – Our solutions are hardware agnostic, so regardless of what systems your clients use, Veeam works
  • Compatible – Seamlessly integrate a variety of third-party software into Veeam for additional capabilities

Whatever level of assistance you want with your BDR services, Storio has it.

Full List of Plan Features

Plan Features Cloud Backup as a Service Managed Backup
Proactive Monitoring, Management, and Testing by Storio Technicians
Cloud Connect Support
Veeam Service Provider Console (formerly known as VAC)
Cloud Backup Restore
Unlimited Remote Backup Management and Support
Unlimited Installation and Configuration Services for Veeam Software
Quarterly Test Restores
Veeam Insider Protection (7 Days)

The Benefits of Backup as a Service from Storio

Local Peering

Storio peers with the best for top speed and reliability, and can meet any specific needs you have

High Scalability

We can manage petabytes of data, and have the tools and capacity to handle vast amounts of daily incremental change

Lightning-Fast Seed and Restore

1 GB/s of transfer speed to prevent bottlenecks and ensure a swift return to business after a restore

Dual Active Storage Clusters

With a minimum of 2 redundant copies stored and peak resiliency across all our availability zones, you can guarantee your clients’ data safety

Pooled Storage

We’ll help you simplify management of backups by pooling cloud storage across your client base with no hidden data operations or retrieval fees

The Benefits of Managed Backups from Storio

  • Access to knowledgeable engineers and consultants to provide insight and resolve issues
  • Ironclad SLAs complete with monthly reporting for guaranteed uptime and visibility
  • Proactive maintenance and testing along with continuous monitoring for peak reliability
  • Backup software for devices that are under management to minimize disruption
  • Improved internal efficiency for more valuable services and increased ROI


Want to offer the leading data backup solution on the market? Storio will make implementing Veeam fast and easy.

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Storio BDR Appliance

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